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    Tel£º(86) 757-86805209, 86839681, 86805211

    Fax:(86) 757-86838168

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    Tel£º(86) 757-86805203, 86805202

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    Company profile

    FOSHAN JINQIAO ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE CO., LT.D., which is located in Xiqiao Sience and Technology Industry Garden, with a distance of 10 kilometers from the nationalwide famous scenery zone-Xiqiao Hill, has very convenient transportation. Our company has the production area of 2800 square meter and a building area of 13800 square meter, with a very beautiful environment.

    We are an enterprise manufacturing various thermo ware and household appliances, and have been in the line of OEM business since 1997. We have ISO2000: 9001, CE, CB and UL certificate, and our products enjoy great popularity and high appreciation in home market and overseas market.

    We are very serious with the quality, device and the after sells service of our products. Our main products are Vacuum Cooker, Thermal Cooker, Thermo Lunchbox, Vacuum Jar, Multi-function Cooker, Electric HotPot/ Steamboat and Purple Clay Cookware series, etc.
    "Dedication, Integrity, Pathfinding and Advance" is our company spirit. Understanding the individual needs of customers and their personal priorities for quality of life, health and dietary habit, JINQIAO Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd keeps on offering cookware that meets the demands of the new millennium and traditional diet customer of the Chinese people. Undergoing constantly technological innovation and testing, we apply modern electronic and computerized technology to innovative cookware making people enjoy healthy and delicious meal in daily life.  We bring new produts enlight your qulity life for today and tomorrow.


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